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Are you a food and beverage maker or artisanal producer interested in launching your product in a retail store but you're not sure what steps to take?

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I help develop the ideas, creations and recipes of homemade makers just like you, go from the concept stage onto retail shelves through detailed weekly workshops and the support of an awesome community. 

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Hi, My name is Movitzsa

I started and launched my own food brand into over 50 stores, and I saw a lack of representation of my community in the main aisles.

My mission is for the success, growth and scalability of your business. I am passionate about helping communities of diverse founders to flood the main aisle shelves of stores with their winning recipes and scale up into major chained retailers all across the country.

Shelf Ready Community is our Private Network exclusive for members. We have the most engaged community to support the development of your business and your growth as an entrepreneur.

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Member Testimonials

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"I feel more confident to navigate the road to entrepreneurship because of the wealth of information provided by the moderator. [And] I have a clear understanding of how to price my product and calculate the COGS, and how it impacts my margin, leading me to make better informed production decisions.

I [also] greatly value the support and encouragement from the community. They keep me motivated when I feel like giving up."

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